A simple, portable solution to bulk seed on the farm

Light enough to be portable, large enough to be practical


Why the Seedpod?

I've worn many hats over the years. I've worked for a seed company, sold seed as a retail agronomist, and managed multiple warehouses throughout the Midwest. At every level bulk seed is inefficient. The seed company wants to deliver early, the retailer wants to move as much seed as possible, and the grower wants to plant as soon as his ground is ready—yet traditional bulk systems make all of these next to impossible.

The Seedpod is an invention 10 years in the making that makes a simple, organized, and efficient planting season a reality. Designed for mobility, the Seedpod allows timely delivery with the benefit of convenient, quality bulk storage at a cost that will pay for itself.

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Jim Sheppard

VP Food and Feed, Legacy Seed Companies


A fully-enclosed steel storage unit with split containers, dual bean slides, and secure slide doors

Seedpod measurements
Seed size Seeds/lb Units
Small 3200 900
Medium 2500 660
Large 1800 400
Wheat 15000 800
8'L x 12' W x 15.5' H
Empty weight
5000 lbs
Usable volume
835 ft3

optional 4 ft extension for permanent setup available

Special features

Climate-controlling industrial-grade exterior paint

Stable base for diverse surfaces

Durable 12 gauge steel construction

Nylon bushings for minimal maintenance

Weather-sealed loading cap

Secure discharge door

Split containers

24" gate clearance

Food-grade interior paint

Patented seed slide

Removable access ladder


The Seedpod is a systems approach to bulk seed. By eliminating the question of when seed will be delivered, growers and retailers can focus on the challenges that really matter come spring


Increases seed handling and planting efficiency so you can plant when *you* want to plant


Take early seed delivery without the inconvenience of bag storage


Bean slide preserves seed quality— solid enclosure keeps out rodents and insects


Temporary, movable storage—can be transported with a dolly and pickup truck when empty

Customer blending
Custom blending

Allows for easy blending to your specifications


Eliminates bag waste by replacing the use of disposable bags with durable, recyclable steel unit

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